Improve the Appearance of Your Business with Commercial Glass Etching in Las Vegas, NV

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So, you’ve recently installed new flooring and thrown on a new coat of paint at your business. You may want to consider taking these improvements one step further, though. Whether your shop or restaurant is old or new, it’s not ready for customers without some personality to improve the overall aesthetic. Glass etching is a simple way to set your restaurant or office apart from all the others. Glass etching is a wonderful way to incorporate the unique personality of the establishment into the windows, glass doors or even purely decorative fixtures!

Below are four different options for commercial glass etching in Las Vegas, NV to consider adding to your business.

Glass doors

Create a welcoming environment throughout your office space with glass etching. Glass doors are a great way to show your employees that you are fostering an open environment. At the same time, maintaining some level of privacy is also important for meetings or performance evaluations. Luckily, glass etching helps you achieve the best of both worlds. Incorporate frosted glass into your design for both privacy and personality. At the same time, supervisors will still always appear available and approachable. To top it off, consider showing your employees just how important they are by etching both their name and title on the door to their office.

Decorative glass

Mirrors can create the appearance of additional space regardless of the room. Take advantage of that by using decorative glass to not only increase the size of the room, but also to brand your business. Glass etching is a classic way to promote your brand throughout the entire establishment. Consider adding the logo or name of the restaurant to a glass backsplash behind the bar, or add a glass plate bearing the name of the company anywhere throughout the building.

Glass partitions

Create a sense of security and privacy throughout your establishment through the use of glass partitions. A custom etched glass partition is a wonderful option as it allows your patrons to have a feeling of security while still allowing life to enter the space. Plus, you can add your logo or other custom tailored design to create a seamless feel throughout your building.


Your building doesn’t end just because the customer walks out the front door. Remind them who you are with etched glass windows. With etched glass, you can let the unique personality of your restaurant, business, bar or casino show out into the world. This could include your logo, a decorative design, a pattern that’s reflective of the business or something else entirely!

Endless possibilities with Glass Impression

Whether you’re hoping to add a creative flair to a new business or enhance a dated building, commercial glass etching is a wonderful way to create something completely unique. Our professional technicians will work with you to create the perfect design for your windows, doors, decorative glass or any glass feature. Ready to learn more about high quality commercial glass etching in Las Vegas, NV available at a reasonable price from the area’s top glass company? Contact Glass Impression today to get started!

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