Etched Glass in Las Vegas, NV


Whether you want to add a creative spin to your home décor or lend professional elegance to your office or storefront, the team at Glass Impression is here to handle all your needs for etched glass in Las Vegas, NV. When our business first opened back in 2000, our family just wanted to share our passion with our community and treat our customers well. Over 15 years later, our company has grown, but those core values remain the same. To that end, here is a closer look at the different services and applications you can always expect from Glass Impression:

  • Sandblasting etching: Our services for glass etching in Las Vegas, NV are available for surface etching, deep carving and half toning. All services are performed by experienced craftspeople.
  • Residential applications: Our glass etching services can be used to enhance countless fixtures and products in a residential setting. You might consider any of the following surfaces for our residential applications: shower doors, bathroom doors, medicine cabinets, fixed windows, sidelights, eyebrow windows, pantry doors, front doors and more.
  • Office applications: Similarly, Glass Impression can provide glass etching services in offices, commercial spaces and industrial settings. We can contribute a logo to your storefront or provide services for conference rooms, office doors, fixed partitions, bathroom mirrors and more.
  • Stained and leaded glass: If you want your home or workplace to look as unique as the people who live or work there, ask us about our stained and leaded glass options. We can give you a beautiful focal point without draining your bank account.

sandblast etching image
sandblast etching image

If you would like to learn more about our high quality services, strong qualifications and reasonable prices, please give Glass Impression a call at 702-257-3111, or just visit our Contact Us page for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.